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The duffle bag’s shape comes from its origins: storing the hammock that sailors slept in and, then, when back on terra firma, rolled along the ground, with their clothes and a few other things inside. Later, it turned into the bag we now know. Duffle Bag No.5 makes no bones about its origins: it is a large, tall pocket made of canvas, closed by a rope passing through eight eyelets; once tightened, it shuts the bag, before turning into a strap to be carried across the shoulder. And if our elegant and obviously muscular sailor wants to carry his bag by hand, then he can: a handle has been stitched onto the bag’s main body. Duffle Bag No.5 comes in cotton and linen canvas (navy blue, black or beige) and in an army khaki canvas. It can be piped in royal blue, yellow, khaki, navy blue, black, pink, red or white. Fit for either a rowing-boat or a liner.

W 26 X H 44 CM - 370 GR

10,236"W X 17,323"H - 0,816 LB

Cotton and linen canvas 

Natural canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37%

Quadrille canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37% - linen thread dyed in navy


Coated on both sides


Army khaki woven fabric

100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Woven fabric - yellow, black, red, navy - 100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Blue woven fabric

100% Cotton

No treatment or coating

Natural woven fabric in linen and cotton

Cotton : 45% - Linen : 55%

No treatment or coating


Full grain calf leather dyed in the mass - smooth grain

Origin Spain