Yarns, weaving, finishing touches, colors:
at L/UNIFORM, every detail is unique, created
by and for our brand.
L/UNIFORM is in full control of production from
start to finish, leaving it in the capable hands
of our own in house craftspeople. Thorough quality checks are made throughout the whole production process, from the reception of the raw materials until the product is finalized and ready for shipping.



L/UNIFORM has carefully selected its yarns and wefts to create our signature canvas.
L/UNIFORM fabrics are "custom made" to achieve that perfect look.
With L/UNIFORM, canvas becomes a noble material, at the same time light, solid and supple.
There are several types: the authentic natural canvas made from cotton and linen, and coloured
cotton canvas. L/UNIFORM's canvas are woven exclusively for the house according to precise
specifications, to ensure they retain their color and shape. These canvases are subject to a long,
careful and rigorous manufacturing process.

Each rool of woven fabric is :

- washed

- shaved to obtain a smooth surface

- dyed all the way through (black, navy, red)

- checked to verify color and remove imperfections

- dipped in a resin bath to render it waterproof, water-repellent and stain-resistant

- coated on each side (canvases have no back or front side) to facilitate maintenance

Whatever the color of the canvas, it can be trimmed with one of several colors of strap or leather.
L/UNIFORM also uses leather - exclusively from Catalonia - natural or dyed, specifically for small leather items.



While traditionally laser-cut, at L/Uniform we cut our canvas and leathers by hand using "punches". Each punch is used to cut a different part of the bag. Each bag requires specific thicknesses of leather. The craftsperson "splits" the leather to suit these requirements. Precise to the 10th of a millimeter, a gauge is used to ensure that all material thicknesses match our specifications.



Piecing together a bag, applying a braid, assembling a ring : each of these operations is a series of meticulous gestures for which precision is essential. This patient manufacturing process emphasizes "handmade", one of L/UNIFORM's trademarks.

 Hand-made slice dyeing requires patience and dexterity. Each step requires 12h drying time. From the designing stage to assembling, finishing touches and packing, each step of the manufacturing process of an L/UNIFORM model is carried out by highly skilled craftspeople. They perpetuate age-old techniques and skills. Each model requires an incompressible manufacturing time, which guarantees its solidity and durability. Each bag is assembled and stitched by a single craftsperson.



According to precise and rigorous specifications, expert craftspeople control the quality of each material in-house. The L/UNIFORM stamp ensures that each product complies with our specifications. The L/UNIFORM label on each of our bags is carefully checked to ensure it is perfect and centered to the nearest millimeter. There's no lining to hide the seams, which are bordered on the inside by a leather or cotton braid. The inside finishes are as perfect as the outside ones. The stitching is precisely measured: 3 stitches per centimeter at precisely 25mm from the edge for all our bags and travel gear, which gives them their timeless look.