It’s up to you ! By combining our colors yourself, create your model online. L/Uniform will manufacture it just for you.

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Because each person is free to invent his or her own uniform, the company proposes an infinite combination of canvas, leather, webbing, handle and edging colors. This freedom illustrates one of L/Uniform’s principles : offer a colorful, inviting universe that each person can combine depending on his or her desires and tastes. Any association is possible between the colors of canvases (for example a navy blue body, royal blue side pockets and a red front pocket) and those of the edgings, straps, handles and leather pieces.

Each piece in a model is minutely assembled like this zipper inserted between bands of leather.

And to conserve your fetish bag, L/Uniform offers a restoration service. We can reinforce the seams, replace the edgings or place patches to give each bag a second – even third – life. These many alternatives are possible thanks to the manufacturing concept : our team of specialized craftsmen can intervene at any stage of production.

The factory’s human scale provides a precise, patient manufacturing process focused on quality that lets us make one-of-a-kind models.

Royal blue, red, yellow, white, pink, black … the diversity of the edging, webbing and strap colors associated with the shades of canvas and leather let each person compose « his » or « her » bag.