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If you’re a geek, student, company director (or all three), playwright, writer, online shopping fanatic or digital whiz, this is the sleeve for your 10 or 13-inch computer. With its foam lining on both sides, extra outside pocket for cords, USB sticks (and even the rare paper document you might print), this is the ideal protection to transport your world with you everywhere. Your world, or that of others, for example if you’ve been interrupted during Episode 3 of the 4th season of your favorite series, it protects the tool that keeps you in touch with your hero. Or lets you continue to write your essays, thesis, journal or next novel on a train, airplane … or even a canoe ! Computer sleeve No.37 exists in navy blue linen/cotton canvas piped in navy blue leather, black linen/cotton canvas piped in black leather and khaki military canvas piped in khaki leather. If you have to ask, you’re not really a nomad !

L 34 X W 2 X H 25 CM - 1100 GR

13,386’’ L X 0,787’’ W X 9,842’’ H – 2,425 LB

Cotton and linen canvas 

Natural canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37%

Quadrille canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37% - linen thread dyed in navy


Coated on both sides


Army khaki woven fabric

100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Woven fabric - yellow, black, red, navy - 100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Blue woven fabric

100% Cotton

No treatment or coating

Natural woven fabric in linen and cotton

Cotton : 45% - Linen : 55%

No treatment or coating


Full grain calf leather dyed in the mass - smooth grain

Origin Spain