When two globe trotter meet, their creativity increase. Jewelry box No.47 is a good illustration; fruit of the collaboration between the jewelry designer Marie-Hélène de Taillac and L/UNIFORM. This tiny tasteful object enables travelers - the ones that know a single piece of jewelry can metamorphose an entire outfit for a night - to carry pearls and diamonds (real or not...) in their suitcase. Jewelry Box No.47 is a round pouch made of cotton and linen. Unzipped, it reveals two removable memory foam disks made of goatskin suede. Each piece of jewelry can lay inside, ready to travel safely. Jewelry Box No.47 exists in cotton and linen Canvas (navy, natural or kaki), trimmed with leather (grey, navy or burgundy). The memory foam disk is enveloped in light pink, pearl grey or blue indigo goatskin suede. To slip it in your bag or to keep it in hand, as a clutch. I bet your bodyguard is going to be very pleased about it.

L 20 X W 20 X H 4 CM - 478,1 GR

7,87" L X 8,87" W X 1,575" H - 1,054 LB

Cotton and linen canvas 

Natural canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37%

Quadrille canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37% - linen thread dyed in navy


Coated on both sides


Army khaki woven fabric

100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Woven fabric - yellow, black, red, navy - 100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Blue woven fabric

100% Cotton

No treatment or coating

Natural woven fabric in linen and cotton

Cotton : 45% - Linen : 55%

No treatment or coating


Full grain calf leather dyed in the mass - smooth grain

Origin Spain